Boutique Law Firm for Successful Clients

Boltenko Law is an independent boutique tax law firm. We focus on strategic tax planning and effective solutions for our clients, their international corporate structures and wealth planning vehicles.

We combine legal expertise with a pragmatic approach to creating simple and elegant solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Who We Are

Boltenko Law is a boutique private client legal practice and tax advisory service. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we provide for the needs of wealthy individuals and their companies.

We guide our clients through an ever-changing landscape of legal, tax and wealth planning issues. By taking the complexity out of these matters, we leave clients free to enjoy their wealth.

We work to preserve and develop wealth through long-term planning. Our service is both personal and flexible; we adjust it to support individual circumstances. We know the best results come from good relationships with clients who trust us and share our values. You will find us straight talking, transparent and friendly, with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

What We Do

We are truly international:
  • we are qualified to advise on UK matters, and have extensive experience in dealing with many countries of the world; and
  • we understand the complexity of interaction of civil and common law jurisdictions.
We understand our clients:
  • we are as global as our clients: our team have lived in many countries, married to foreign nationals, we hold many passports and invested abroad;
  • we are like our clients – 95% of our clients are first generation wealthy and we are of similar age and we share the same background.
We are based in one location but have a global outlook:
  • we are based in Zurich, but travel regularly to London, Geneva, Cyprus and Barcelona, as well as other locations;
  • most of our projects are about interaction between 2, 3, or even more legal systems.
We are a niche firm but see the bigger picture:
  • we only focus on international tax and wealth planning issues, BUT
  • we advise on both corporate and individual tax matters;
  • we act as both lawyers and trustees.
We are truly dedicated to our clients:
  • we have a small team but big clients – this ensures very personal dedicated service;
  • we have over 20 years of experience but are in our early 40th and have a long way to go professionally, so we build up long-term relationships with the client.

Contact Us


Freigutstrasse 8, First Floor
CH 8002 Zürich, Switzerland

+41 43 508 8834


Our office is centrally located at Freigutstrasse 8 in Zurich, Switzerland, near the Paradeplatz and can be reached from there by heading towards the Enge railway station

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