May 6, 2020

Boltenko Law Reading Club: Spring 2020

Boltenko Law Reading Club: Spring 2020

We at Boltenko Law are always looking for a great read, and since our book club at the Russian Wealth Advisors Forum has always been very popular, we hereby launch the Boltenko Law Reading Club.

We will provide you with our quarterly book recommendations. The focus of our reading club is Russian and international wealth. We will also share with you our best finds in other categories.

New Book on Russia: Putin’s People. By Catherine Belton. HarperCollins UK; 640 pages.

Published this April, this book by the investigative journalist and former Financial Times reporter Catherine Belton investigates Putin’s rise from a KGB operative to deadly agent provocateur. Putin’s People shows that the apparent anarchy of the post-Soviet world has given way to a massive concentration of wealth and power, which is used by the new Russian elite to quash dissent at home and project force abroad. The Economist and the Guardian think that the book is illuminating, and so do we.

New Book on International Wealthy: The Trick: Why Some People Can Make Money and Other People Can’t. By William Leith. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc; 208 pages.

How come some people can make money, and other people can’t? This question sets William Leith off on an adventure into the highly coveted world of the mega-rich. The object of the author’s inquiry is whether there is a set of identifiable strategies that increase your chances of acquiring extreme wealth. You might not necessarily know how to make a billion by the end of this book, but you will certainly enjoy reading the witty and funny narrative.

How to Become Smarter and More Productive: Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. By Matthew Walker. Penguin Random House; 368 pages

If you want to be cleverer, more attractive, slimmer, happier and healthier, you need to read this book. Walker, the director of the Center for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley, argues that a good night’s sleep – and an afternoon nap! – is a cure-all. The book is recommended by Bill Gates in his blog, so Boltenko Law is not alone in thinking it is a must-read.

Leadership Skills with a Twist: How to Be a Dictator. By Frank Dikötter. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc; 274 pages

Charisma, lust for power, absence of principles … what links Mao, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and Kim Il Sung? In How to Be a Dictator, Frank Dikötter examines the cults and propaganda surrounding the twentieth-century dictator. Using a breadth of archival research and his characteristic in-depth analysis, Dikötter offers a stunning portrait of dictatorship, a guide to the cult of personality, and a map for exposing the lies dictators tell to build and maintain their regimes. For us, the most entertaining chapters of this book were about the dictators we were least familiar with.

The Scariest Read of the Season: The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming. By David Wallace-Wells. Tim Duggan Books; 320 pages.

Now this book shows us what’s really scary. The most persuasive book that we’ve read spelling out the consequences of climate change—and one of the most terrifying. As Earth moves beyond the conditions that allowed people to evolve, the author warns, “the end of normal” has arrived. Yet amid the rising seas, floods, fires, droughts, and hurricanes, both current and impending, he remains optimistic about humanity’s ability to deal with the havoc it has caused. Grim read, but truly necessary!

We hope you’ll enjoy our recommendations! If you want to share your best reads with us in return, please do – we look forward to receiving them.

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