Through our 20 years of our practical experience and a network of over 4000 international contacts, we can provide solutions world-wide.

Through our international reputation, we enjoy strong “soft power”, what means that our calls and emails to other service providers are returned quickly and our clients receive priority treatment.

We enjoy good personal relationship with other professionals, what means that we can work on the projects in a friendly, constructive and efficient manner so to be able to achieve good added value for the clients.

We have open engagements with law firms in the UK, USA, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus, Monaco, Israel and Russia. It means that we can arrange for an advice in multiple jurisdictions as if we were a part of a large international law firm.

Legal Project Management

“Olga inspires with her personality, her vast knowledge, insight, ability to summarize complex situation in brevity, humor, it is simply a delight to work with her.”

Dr. Ariel Sergio Goekmen,
Member of the Executive Board,
Schroder & Co Bank AG