Russian political landscape, tax and currency control rules make Russians, and their family offices, look for other jurisdictions. Boltenko Law advises clients on the variety of available choices and what they need to know from tax point of view before relocating.

We are qualified to advise on the laws of the UK, however, through our 20 years of practical experience and an excellent network of over 4000 strong international contacts we are able to provide solutions world-wide.

Specifically, Boltenko Law advises on:

  • Tax residency programs world-wide and ways to relocate
  • Alternative citizenships and a second passport
  • Moving to the UK – tax and immigration
  • Russian law consequences of relocations
Residence and Citizenship Planning

“It is a real pleasure to work with Olga and her team. The experts of Boltenko Law show immense creativity and flexibility in finding solutions that benefit the client.”

Elena Lileeva,
UK Head of Russia,
CIS and Eastern Europe,
Pictet Wealth Management