Boltenko Law’s team is qualified to advise on various matters of Russian law.

Our main focus is to advise Russian private clients and their family offices, banks, administrators and trustees, on Russian law consequences of international corporate and private structures, as well as on relocations abroad.

Specifically, Boltenko Law advises on:

  • Taxation of Russian inbound and outbound corporate structures
  • Taxation of residential and commercial real estate
  • Taxation of Russian tax residence and on consequences of Russian citizens relocating abroad
  • Transfer of assets across generations – tax and legal
  • Russian inheritance and family law issues
  • Wills and probate
  • Currency control legislation
Russian Tax and Legal Advice for Private Clients

“I have worked with Olga since around 2004 and I have always been impressed by her drive and professionalism. She is the go-to adviser for Russian law advice in the personal tax and the corporate tax sphere. She has always been well liked by clients and is brilliant at getting the job done and finding solutions. I am happy to recommend Olga strongly.”

Andrew Terry,
Edwin Coe LLP,