The Future of Cyprus for Russian Business

As Russian Business continues to be very important for the Cyprus Economy, the annual must-attend evens in Cyprus is “The Future of Cyprus for Russian Business”, which Olga Boltenko runs for over 5 years in collaboration with the law firm Chryssafinis and Polyviou LLC and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The next conference will take place on March 19, 2020

The event usually attracts more than 250 leading experts who associated with the Russian business in Cyprus, Russia, Switzerland and Luxembourg to analyse the perspectives for the future of business in the country.

The speakers study the prospects of the new, emerging economic environment, discuss and overview of the new business trends, the impact on the Cyprus society and business, the Cyprus economy forecast, citizenship schemes, how the tax-free liquidation works, an overview of tax changes, the advantages and disadvantages of being a trustee and many more. The conference includes the case studies that focus on the most common scenarios of structuring ownership of international private a corporate asset for the Russian elite and discuss what needs to be done and what solutions will be popular.

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