Our advice in relation to trusts and foundations covers a wide range of services from the establishment of a trusts/foundations to efficient dispute resolution.

As our lawyers act as trustees, we have deep insight into current and developing issues which adds an extra layer of understanding to our clients’ needs and our ability to provide comprehensive advice and solutions.

We commonly advise on establishing and restructuring trusts, both in Switzerland and overseas. We have a wealth of experience in setting up purpose trusts, protectorship vehicles and foundations, all with an eye to relevant tax requirements.

It’s essential to have a trustee with professional legal knowledge and financial understanding, as a trust may involve generations of work, detailed record-keeping and coordination with lawyers, accountants and other advisers. Trusts and other structures may also involve complex management, in addition to challenging financial and investment decisions.

We also make innovative use of trusts and related governance structures to help plan for the efficient transfer of wealth and control of businesses within a family.

Trust Management and Administration

“Experts of Boltenko Law understand both their clients and the use of trusts; they understand Russian, English and international law, and the firm is based in the heart of Switzerland. Perfect combination for Russian private clients!”

Dina Kauffer-George,
Senior Partner,
Patrimony 1873 SA,