June 17, 2019

We are proud to present Boltenko Trust AG!

Boltenko Trust

We are delighted to announce, that after 2.5 successful years at Boltenko Law, we have decided to set up a new company – Boltenko Trust AG – with the sole focus on trust administration and management.

Boltenko Trust is a boutique trust company for wealthy Russian clients. We are based in Zurich and act as trustees for Russian families with international footprint.

With the Russian wealth becoming more mature, we see a renewed interest to trusts. They are increasingly used as vehicles to preserve the wealth and ensure continuance of its enjoyment by future generation and by charitable courses.

Using Boltenko Trust as your trustees brings multiple advantages:

  • We are based in Switzerland – it is a stable jurisdiction with excellent banking services
  • Trusts are tax transparent in Switzerland, what means that you can have an offshore-like trust in a white-listed jurisdiction
  • We are currently regulated by Swiss financial authorities (FINMA) with formal licensing coming in 2020
  • We provide trusts governed by English law but can choose a different law if required
  • We speak and work in Russian, as well as in English

Boltenko Trust will work in tandem with our law firm – Boltenko Law, so as to allow us not only to offer advice to trusts and trustees, but also to act as a trustee for our clients.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of using Switzerland-based trustees and the range of our trust services, please contact us at info@boltenkotrust.com.

You can find more information about us on www.boltenkotrust.com.